Chemical Free

Additive free. Feel good.

Fur and skin care lotion for pets

“C-FREE” for free of artificial additives.

We wanted to provide a safe product for our loved family pets. We produced a fur and skin care lotion to meet the needs of all pet lovers.


Tsubaki nano C-FREE

Fur and skin care lotion for pets

150ml ¥2,100 (excluding tax)

Ingredients: Water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

Rose scented

Tsubaki nano C-FREE Rose

Fur and skin care lotion for pets “R”

150ml ¥2,300 (excluding tax)

Ingredients: Water, rose water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

Patent Number PAT.4050767

Using our unique mixing technology, we aimed to make a
completely additive free product without artificial surfactants,
emulsifiers, or preservatives.
Natural moisturizing ingredients soak into your pets’
fur and skin keeping them healthy.
Stops fur from tangling and gives a gloss shine.
“C-FREE Rose” is gently scented with natural roses.
Dogs will fall asleep from the aroma while receiving a
massage from caring hands.

Kurume camellia oil, Shodoshima olive oil

Camellia and olive have long been used as hair and skin beauty oils, as well as being edible foods. These oils are pressed without heating, meaning they have a high moisturizing capacity and contain lots of oleic acid. These ingredients moisturize pets’ skin and make their fur shiny.

Rose water *Only in C-FREE Rose

In C-FREE Rose, contains 10%-legendary rose water made using spring water and rose petals from Karakas mountains in central Iran. It has powerful relaxing and moisturizing effects.

For daily care

  • Spray C-FREE on your pets’ fur and give it a brushing.
  • Prevents fur from getting tangled, making it smooth and silky.

For pre-shampoo combing

  • Remove tangles and hairballs before shampooing.
  • Spray C-FREE onto tangled fur and untangle using your fingers. Comb the fur carefully from the tip to the root until it is tangle free.
  • Dry with a towel after the shampooing and spray C-FREE all over.

Give your pet a good massage.
Spray C-FREE over the fur.

  • Enjoy time with your dog or cat.
  • The gentle rose aroma of C-FREE Rose relaxes both you and your pet. Use it on restless excited dogs.

Cats can groom their own fur, but C-FREE
will make their coats even smoother and shinier.