Microbubble & Naturality

Water cannot be mixed with oil without a surfactant. But what if we could mix them without using surfactant... We realize this in eQa.

We were trying to mix water and oil using our micro nanobubble technology.
We eventually mixed the two without using any surfactant.
This was the moment when our cosmetic toner "Tsubaki nano" was born, made only of water and camellia oil.
What if we used our technology to make a perm solution?
After repeated trial and error, we finally made eQa.
Using no surfactants or preservatives we made a perm solution with a mildly acidic pH.
eQa is a perm solution for hot curling generated from this innovative idea.
A perm wave is achieved in reduced time, with less noise, and without damaging hair.
Still think that perms can damage hair?
eQa can actually revitalize damaged hair!
We start Japanese natural curling, or "Naturality".


Three advantages of eQa

  • 1 Zero alkalinity, no damage to hair.
  • 2 Even damaged hair can be made wavy.
  • 3 Perms can be achieved in half the time of using normal solutions!!

Hair is made up of layers from the outer cuticle, to the cortex, and inner medulla. A perm wave creates artificial waves in hair by delivering a penetrating medicinal agent made of several ingredients through the cuticle, cortex and medulla to realign cysteine molecules in hair. This medicinal agent is only effective when it penetrates through hair to its core. Common perm solutions are alkaline to make them penetrate hair more easily. However, the alkalized medicinal agent damages hair and the scalp. Typical perm solutions have a high concentration because of inconsistent mixing of the agents. We defined "ideal perm solution" as:

Having an acidic Ph. Never becoming alkali
Having the lowest possible concentrations of medicinal agents
Having complete mixing at the microscopic level, or "micro-mixing"

I have been involved in the development of microbubble and nanobubble technologies over the past 20 years. I found that we could make more effective products using the same ingredients by adopting our technologies to mix perm solutions and cosmetic toners. The effective elements are mixed consistently at the nano-level using our micromixing techniques. Because the elements are so well mixed, they have a high permeability and can extract the greatest effects of its components, even when only used in small amounts. We have produced our hair care products using only water and oil (camellia oil or olive oil) with this technology, without any artificial additives such as surfactants or emulsifiers. eQa is more than an acidic lotion for hair curling. It is the world’s first innovative "hair care curling lotion", made of beneficial oils mixed at the nano level.

Toshihiko Eguchi, President


Simple and totally new lotion for hair curling.

New perm solution made of a water-like reducing agent and natural oil.
It achieves a hot perm in a short time, with low heat, and without damaging hair

Common to all

  • Free of surfactants and preservatives
  • Uses special carbonated water
  • Consistent penetration using nanomixing technology

1st Lotion

  • Mildly acidic pH, non-alkali
  • Two types of product; one for healthy hair and one for damaged
  • Propose style along with hair coloring
  • Curl with hot rollers at 60 °C for 5 minutes (hot perm)
  • 3.9% in thio reduction. Mild hybrid reduction (normal type)
  • 3.5% in thio reduction. Tight wave (hard and viscous type)

2nd Lotion

  • For a 6 + 6 min reduced perm time
  • Camellia oil and olive oil for the finishing touch
  • Bromate acidic buffer accelerates oxidation

Treatment Lotion

  • Total care type that can be used both for pre-treatment and before blow drying
  • Made of water, camellia oil, olive squalene, and botanical glycerin

Total 60 minute process

For slightly damaged mid-length hair


Natural and lightly curled mid-length hair A hot perm waving that allows easy styling. Ideal “designer curls”. Light and airy texture can only be achieved using “eQa”.

We also recommend our product also made from “camellia oil” (as used in eQa).

Hair treatment mist (not for showering) Use “Nano sara” as a finishing touch or for home care to make hair glossy.

Nano sara

Ingredients :
water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
Subtle natural scent

Nano sara Rose

Ingredients :
water, rose water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
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